“Survivor Rock Star”

blue star 2Of all the designs thus far in my collection, this is my favorite! It’s a mixed media piece of a pewter tag, a funky shaped brass star that is wrapped with wire and stamped with your milestone year. This piece can go beyond the realm of colon cancer and can be worn by a survivor of ANY cancer!

So what is the milestone year that your have reached in your cancer journey? As a cancer survivor I can tell you I was just trying to survive minutes of the day, or the pain that came along with surgery or having to change my colostomy bag all by myself. I finally was able to claim my 1 year milestone! Then it was 3 and before I knew it, I had made it to my 5 year milestone!

I know during my colon cancer journey I didn’t wear much jewelry, but I would have loved a piece of inspiration for me and to for others to know I was a “survivor rock star“!

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