“1 in 20”


So, as an artist and designer, you have to think outside the box and get creative! This piece was inspired by a colon cancer statistic:

1 in 20 ( 5%)  of people will get colon cancer in their lifetime.

So, rummaging though my jewelry findings I came across these bronze/brassy looking charms. I sometimes get my inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, to see what is trending. But it was a fellow colon cancer survivor that was wearing a cascading type of necklace in one of her Instagram’ “selfies”. It’s that kind of thing that triggers the creative in me. To take what I have seen, and apply it to the materials that I have and go further even more to send a message.

With this piece, and every piece I make, my hope is to bring about a conversation. For that one person to ask, “Why is there only 1 star?”  or ” I love that BLUE beaded wire, where did you get it?  and then later to have found my shop immersed in colon cancer awareness. I don’t believe in coincidence, but in God’s perfect timing.  That one person who asks, could be the very one who needs to hear it.

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