2018 = Shimmer, Sparkle & Stamp

We are starting 2018 off with sparkle and stamping words of inspiration. I wanted to add some shimmer and sparkle to my collection this year. Not only shimmer and sparkle, but a variety of color combinations for everyday wear with and accent of a stamped pewter charm. I also wanted to start the New Year off with “What’s Your Word for 2018 ?” An inspiring, powerful word that will carry you throughout the year. So weather it’s in the chemo chair, or back at work and it’s just not your day, you have a reminder of that inspiring word hanging on a necklace or bracelet that will resonate with you and help bring back perspective! I want my pieces to be more than just a ” like” on my Instagram or Facebook , but pieces that mean something, cherished, and even when the time comes, to be passed down and truly become a ‘Legacy’ . Be sure to check out my shop below to find your shimmer, sparkle and hand stamped jewelry! Hope to see you at checkout!

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