Artist -Designer -Survivor : Kendra Portnova

  With a diagnosis of Colorectal cancer at age 32, I found the world around me became a consuming force that I called ‘cAnCer ChAoS’. During my year of radiation/chemo, surgeries, MRI’s, PET scans and more chemo, I began to see the need for colon cancer awareness under the age of 50. Labled as the “old man’s disease”, I began to find more and more people my age and even younger who were fighting this not so ‘glamourous’ disease..
With every passing year of being cancer-free, I felt this pressing need to find my purpose. During that time I believe that God was cultivating in me the skills, talent, and passion needed for this very moment:
To be an inspiration to others not by my victory but that my story is anchored in hope through Jesus Christ.  Also, to share my talent in creating an inspiring piece of jewelry or keepsake that you can then share your legacy and bring hope to others.


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