cancerversay 2



There are dates that we cherish throughout our life. Our birthday, wedding day, our kids’ birthdays, Graduation and so many more special occasions. As a cancer survivor, and any one who has had cancer, the date you were diagnosed with cancer is instilled in your brain and you never forget it.  Some want to forget it. So, why embrace it?  It’s the day you had to start fighting. It’s the day you faced death in the face, turned around and kept going. It’s the day your life was turned upside down, but instead you believed in something greater than yourself and you trusted your life in His hands [to bring you rightside up] .

My date, was a second chance at life. To see life a with a different perspective. Each moment with my young kids and husband was much sweeter. Special occasions with family were extra special. Also Using my talents to bring awareness about colon cancer and a chance to inspire others.

So when that date comes around each year, I look back on how far I’ve come! I embrace it with arms wide open!

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