February: “Luv Your Gut”

Do You Luv Your Gut?

As we enter into February, we step into all things hearts, red, pink and Valentine’s cards. But did you know that it’s also Cancer Prevention Month? What a great prelude to March’s Colon Cancer Awareness! As we think of who we want to be our Valentine, or maybe we already have one, don’t forget to “luv” yourself, INSIDE and out! and YES, ┬áthis means your gut! Colon cancer is one of the most preventable cancers out there! With screenings such as colonoscopies it can save your life! To me, loving your gut means healthy eating, good fiber intake, a good probiotic supplement and getting plenty of exercise and NOT living a sedentary lifestyle. It also means being proactive on any symptoms of colon cancer! As a survivor of colon cancer, it is natural for me to bring awareness, so I created the “luv your gut ” charm to add to my wire bracelet section in my shop! Be sure to check it out!

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