A Mug Filled with Hope

My mind is always trying to think of creative ways to spread awareness for colon cancer. As I was pinning my way through Pinterest I found a unique pin that totally inspired me! And this is the result! A simple mug with stippling to create the universal symbol of colon cancer. I have them listed my ETSY SHOP , so be sure to take a peek! I also have plans to create the reverse of this, with just the star stippled in blue. AND… to go a bit further, I have plans to make CHEMO CARE MUGS!! They will be filled with goodies to to get your special loved one through their chemo treatments! I know when I was going through chemo, all the special gifts and care packages that I received meant so much to me! some candies, ginger tea to help the nausea and a mug to put it in! and you’ll have a choice to choose to a hand stamped necklace or a paracord keychain! So excited for the start of the new year and ramping up to March for colon cancer awareness month!

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